First State Challenge / FSC-2016 Completion Rules

First State Challenge / FSC-2016 Completion Rules
(Cachers may find FSC-2016 caches without completing the Challenge)

1.     FSC-2016 will begin on September 24, 2016.

2.     You must find 10 Caches in each of the 2 areas and log them, both at the cache location (Log Book) and online at 2 areas are:
– Area 1: Northern Delaware
– Area 2: Southern Delaware

3.     Cache logs must be must be signed with names (NO ad hoc team names).

4.     Record the code phrase found at each hide.

5.     For your convenience, there is a downloadable FSC-2016 Cache Form: Here

6.     The use of the FSC-2016 Cache Form is NOT mandatory, but all of the information on it must be submitted. (Your caching name, GC number,  cache name and corresponding code phrase)

7.      Send a scan, email attachment, or a photo of your completed list of FSC-2016 Cache Form info to

8.       Required info MUST be received by Sunday November 6, 2016 at 8PM. NO forms can be accepted after this time.

9.       There will be a FSC-2016 Celebration Event (GC6QDF8) held on Saturday, November 12, 2016 from 1 PM  to 4 PM in Dover. The event is open to all cachers whether or not they have found any of the FSC-2016 Caches.

10.      At this event, those that have been verified as completing the challenge, may be eligible for the following:
– Completion certificate                                  – Pathtag

11.       Pathtags may be limited to the first 100 cachers who complete the challenge. The count of remaining Pathtags can be found here

12.       Pathtags and certificates must be picked up at the FSC-2016 Celebration Event. (If you can’t attend please have someone pick up your items for you.)

Note: Delaware Geocachers is responsible for all interpretations and changes of the rules and may do so as is necessary.