May 2018 – Cacher of the Month

Caching Name: CrashDavis12

Real Name: Tim Searl

1.  How did you become involved in geocaching?    I heard about it on a podcast and it seemed interesting. I downloaded an app to my Android phone, then forgot the app was there for a few weeks. I was on the boardwalk in Rehoboth one night and remembered the app, so I looked to see if there was one nearby, and there was – GC1A49Z, Puzzled? By Rehobch. I went to the posted coordinates in the center of the boardwalk at the end of Rehoboth Avenue, and there was no cache there. Hmmm… an interesting puzzle for me to solve, and the rest was history.

2.  How did you choose your caching name?    It’s a screen name I picked while I       was watching the movie Bull Durham. Crash Davis is the catcher on the Durham Bulls.

3.   What type of cache do you prefer seeking  traditional, multi, and puzzle, virtual?        It changes depending on how much time I have to cache and where I am. I like puzzles in Rehoboth and Conshohocken. I usually look for quick C&Ds when I’m on my lunch break at work or on a road trip through a new state. When I have time, I like the hike to a scenic location to see a place where I’ve never been. Oh, and I always try to stop for Webcam caches since they are so rare these days.

4.   Which caches were the most challenging, either physically/mentally?        Any puzzle cache over 4 stars. I wish I had more brain power for some of those!

5.   What are your current geocaching goals? To try to average at least one a day throughout the year. I usually go on day-long caching adventures to maintain this average.

6.   Where have you always wanted to go caching but haven’t?      I’d like to find a cache in all 50 states, so I have 31 more to go.

7.   What is your most memorable caching experience?       I was looking for a cache in Aruba, GC614F – The Other Lighthouse. It was on a rocky cliff overlooking some very rough surf on the Caribbean. I was by myself, with ocean off in three different directions, so I felt like I was standing on the edge of the world.

8.   What do you like about geocaching?       I like to solve puzzles, but I also like the cloak and dagger aspects of looking for something in a hidden world that sits as a layer on top of the regular world.

9.     Do you have some favorite caches in the area?       Several. I like GC3DYYT – Your Key To Cache, GC6F31 – Tour De Solar System and GCR7B7 – FOURTEEN MINUS SIX. I solved that one with no help!

10.    Do you have any other hobbies or interests?       I just recently joined my local fire company, and I’m working on a national firefighter certification. I like to sail on tall ships (GC62TMT – FSC-2015 Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard), I like to ski and I also coach my son’s lacrosse team.

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