MAY 2017 – Cacher of the Month


Caching Name: THE DAM TROLLS
Real Name: Robert & Sheri Marley

1. How did you become involved in geocaching? Way back in year 2000, Mr Troll saw an article on a Hamradio Usenet group about Geocaching, We already had a GPS in our vehicles since we both have APRS Trackers ( in them. So if you have a gps, use them to find hidden items out in the woods. Our first find was GC149, Nittany Lion Cache (New and Improved) It was near Mr Trolls parents’ home in State College PA, (Penn State University) It was cold, snowy and icy but we made the find. Since then we were hooked!

2. How did you choose your caching name? We first started hiding caches near local dams, hence THE DAM TROLLS

3. What type of cache do you prefer seeking – traditional, multi, and puzzle, virtual?
We mostly find Traditional caches, we struggle with most puzzle caches and only do a few, Especially in Rehoboth DE!

4. Which caches were the most challenging, either physically/mentally?
A few caches in PA and MD, High & Low, GCQNG5 involved climbing a tree, then the final was in a cave! Dark, GCH1GM A cache Patapsco State Park, it was in a tunnel under the Amtrak rails. We always love all the cache hides by Hart612, very creative hider.

5. What are your current geocaching goals? Finally finished our Jasmer Challenge last year. We have also completed the PA Delorme Challenge, just have to go and find the final cache.
6. Where have you always wanted to go caching but haven’t?We would like to explore more of the center part of the US. Also to go to California and see the Redwoods.

7. What is your most memorable caching experience?  Winning the Magellan Challenge 3 years in a row! We won a new gps for each year. We had fun figuring out all the clues and waiting to see where the final would be. One year we were only less than 500’ from the final location. Great to see others come and find it after we already did.

We were also the first finders of the MD/ DE Delorme Challenge. We actually found the container out in the field, the other guy did not.

8. What do you like about geocaching?
Exploring and seeing everyone’s favorite place to be.

9. Do you have some favorite caches in the area?   Who does not love GC3DYYT Your Key to cache!
Also all cAche_n|nja Caches, very prolific hider all over the east coast.
Mike Ott Has all the local history! From the Mason Dixon Markers, to all the cool trails in White Clay.

10. Do you have any other hobbies or interests? We go camping often, kayak when we can,( if there is a cache nearby) Fishing, and boating. We are both also very active in a few Masonic Organizations. Order of the Eastern Star & the Tall Cedars of Lebanon, Both raise millions of dollars annually for charity.

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