September 2018 – Cacher of the Month

Caching Name: Parker & Mom
Real Name: Brynne (and Parker)

1. How did you become involved in geocaching?
I heard about geocaching in 2012. I thought it would be a fun activity to do with the boys who were 9 and 11 at the time. We didn’t have a GPS, just a cellphone with a very minimal ability to use coordinates to find a cache. I was actually printing the cache pages because I don’t think I had ability to get the geocaching website from the phone! Needless to say it was really difficult without the TOTT. I really didn’t know what we were doing and we ended up finding a grand total of 7 caches and then quit. It was way too hard in our opinion. Fast forward to 2015, something made me think about geocaching again. I downloaded the app (new phone!) and found that suddenly this was a lot more fun and easier!

2. How did you choose your caching name?
Parker was the one that really liked caching at the time, and I was the chauffer. I think the true name should be Mom & fill in the blank. (Parker, Harrison, Carson, or Abby) because I have really cached with all the kids and a ton with the dog!

3. What type of cache do you prefer seeking – traditional, multi, and puzzle, virtual?
I’m less likely to choose caches based on their type and more on their favorite points. I love the Whereigo’s. Multis would be my second favorite, when done well and I can find all the stages. Nothing stinks more than doing 8/9 stages and then getting stuck!

4. Which caches were the most challenging, either physically/mentally?
I’m a good hiker I think, so I like when caches take me on trails. I don’t care about the hills or rocks I just go for it. Actually the most challenging are the puzzles. In Ohio (we moved here two years ago), I did a series called the 39 steps. It was really well done and the puzzles were so hard, but really worth it. The caches themselves had physical puzzles inside that helped lead to the next. Unfortunately the series was disabled while we were in the midst of it. If you look in the archives you will find some great ideas for puzzles though!

5. What are your current geocaching goals?
I’m heading back to West Virginia to the Tim’s SMART caches. We are also planning the abandoned PA turnpike caches. I always have a list going, but I’d like to fill out my DT chart. I need 15 boxes. My husband wonders why I have a sudden interest in kayaking. 

6. Where have you always wanted to go caching but haven’t?
I’d say Europe, specifically Germany or the Netherlands. There are some amazing caches out there.

7. What is your most memorable caching experience?
For sure it would have to be Manauka Chunk Tunnels in NJ. I took my brother, Harrison and Parker for a fun day. We got halfway through the tunnel and my brother didn’t want to keep going but the boys did. So my brother and I hiked OVER the tunnel while the boys went through. We did find the cache, and the boys got thigh deep in silt and mud. We went to a diner afterwards to eat and Parker somehow hadn’t really cleaned himself off. He went to the bathroom to do so and left a swamp monster trail in the diner. Needless to say we left a good tip. Unfortunately this was archived shortly after we did it. We were actually the last cachers to get it so I was glad we had the chance. It was an awesome experience.

8. What do you like about geocaching?
I love the interesting places it takes me and the things that I see that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. I love that I get exercise while I play and that I’ve made some great friends doing so. I like the ability to add caching ideas to vacation and go places that are unique and not tourist traps.

9. Do you have some favorite caches in the area?
Martin Mitchell’s two puzzle box caches. SpookyDame’s troll toes. All the FSC caches, old and new. Mike Ott’s caches because I always know I won’t have to bushwack too much. All of Middle Run because I love hiking there. Anything in a state park. Your Key to Cache, because it’s just weird. Fishing Cat in Iron Hill because it’s awesome.  I’m sure there are more, the best cache is the one you have yet to find.

10. Do you have any other hobbies or interests?         Is geocaching a hobby? I thought it was a sport. I also cook but not bake, like to knit but not sew, and solve puzzles and mystery games like the Nancy Drew PC games. I’ve done all 32 with my daughter Carson!

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