September 2016 – Cacher of the Month


Caching Name:  lpyankeefan

Real Name:  Larry Potter


1. How did you become involved in Geocaching?
The Herald-Mail (a local newspaper in Hagerstown, MD) ran an article about Geocaching in August of 2003. Like quite a few other folks I decided to take a look at the website and join. Unfortunately I had two problems. 1.) No GPSr and 2.) A two year old toddler (and a nine year old son) who took up much of my free time. Fast forward to March 19, 2005 and a very warm day. At the time we were always looking for cheaper alternatives for fun. I remembered the account and knew a local who geocached. I took a look at the website, read the pages on a few caches that could potentially be found without a GPSr, grabbed the kids and headed out the door. We found seven that day. Two of those seven are still active after all these years. :) It’s been all downhill since! ;)

2.  How did you choose your caching name?
lpyankeefan – pretty self explanatory. My initials are (l)arry (p)otter and I’m a New York Yankees fan. Don’t hate! There are plenty of us around the globe! :D


3.  What type of cache do you prefer seeking – traditional, multi, and puzzle, virtual?
Honestly I don’t have any particular preference and will hunt for anything and everything. Due to their relative scarcity and the fact that they continue to be archived as time goes on I’ll go out of my way for Webcams, Virtuals and Earthcaches. Puzzles are my Achilles heel as I’m more apt to want to hike and hunt rather than sit at home in front of the computer solving puzzles that some of the greatest mind in the Mid-Atlantic have created. This means you rehobch! ;) Most of the time if I’ve claimed a puzzle it’s due to one of my friends having solved it and me joining them for the hunt. I’ll say so in my log which usually includes something along the lines of “Yep! I have NO idea how to solve this one but I was with _____ and then do and did. Thanks for the smiley!”

As to my other ‘favorite’ cache type…events. I absolutely love them. Events, Megas, CITO’s, Mazes…Yep! I’ve hosted quite a few and attended many, many, MANY more. I’ve enjoyed the friendships that I’ve made as a result. Literally folks from across the country and around the globe.

4.  Which caches were the most challenging, either physically/mentally?
The most challenging cache I’ve completed was GC83C6 – Anasazi Ruins by zinnware located in the Grand Canyon. It’s a virtual cache owned by a local Pennsylvania cacher that’s so remote that it’s only been ‘found’ by two dozen cachers in fifteen years. Considering our group accounted for almost a third of those finds that leaves an average of 1-2 finds per year otherwise. I won’t regale my story of woe yet again but if you’d like to read a bit more check out the cache page for my log and if you’re so inclined check out the closest caches as they tell the story of our rim to rim trek of the Grand Canyon between 10/01/2011-10/06/2011. The absolute toughest cache I’ve ever done and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

An honorary mention goes to GCY72P – Psycho Urban Cache #13 – Impossible! Give Up Now! Yes, it’s been found by fifty people but they’ve all actually climbed the seventy foot tall stone pillar in the middle of the Potomac River near Shepherdstown, WV. The merry little band that I was a part of figured out a way to retrieve the container, sign the logbook and replace it on top of it’s lofty perch all without leaving ground level. It definitely wasn’t easy but smurf76, vyper4, BJ&Snurt101, Phideo, donbadabon, Maryland Steelers Fan, GLM, GoGayleGo, The_Incredibles, maxboost1998, and eXtremeJeep all shared a hard earned smiley and claimed FTF on this devilish cache.

5. What are your current geocaching goals?
Ha! My first current cache goal doesn’t actually involve hunting for more caches. It’s to catch up on my logging. I’m horribly behind. HORRIBLY. Thank goodness for the log that my GPSr keeps and the friends that I normally cache with keep VERY good notes. As long as I’ve got the GC Code, date and time I’m usually pretty good with the actual logs. I usually try to write individual logs for each cache and tell an ongoing narrative.

Actual caching goals include:
1.) Completing GC38GBN – ABC 123 – An Alphanumeric Challenge
by wirtz which is the closest unfound challenge cache to my house. Durm and strang! I’m tired of seeing the darned thing! 1.5 miles! Auuugh! I just need to take a day to drive to Richmond, VA to grab the last couple that I need.
2.) Completing the Jasmer Challenge. I currently need May, June and November of 2000 and January of 2001. Hoping to complete it in the next six months or so…

6. Where have you always wanted to go caching but haven’t?
Tough call. My watch list is ridiculous. I’ve got caches from around the world watch listed and live vicariously through others logs. While I will hunt and log almost any cache I still truly enjoy the places that take my breath away. Give me a hike and a vista to observe the world and I’m happiest.

7. What is your most memorable caching experience?
The five day rim to rim hike of the Grand Canyon in October of 2011. Over 105* at the bottom of the canyon the first and second day with a cold front ushering in torrential rainfall, frigid temps. and even snow when we ‘summited’ the south rim on the fifth day. As I said above, I’d LOVE to do it again.

8. What do you like about Geocaching?
The friends that I’ve made along the way. A few have moved elsewhere but a special few have been years long. You know who you all are. :)

9. Do you have some favorite caches in the area?
Soooo many to choose from and I’m afraid that I’ll forget to mention something that should be so please do check the favorites list under profile. This past weekend included a visit with my daughter, her bestie and other geocaching friends to Breezewood, PA to attend TheRichFather’s 10th Annual Abandoned Turnpike Bike Ride. Two events, thirty plus caches and two very dark tunnels through ridges in south-central PA. A fun time was had by all!

10. Do you have any other hobbies or interests?
Artwork and reading. I used to have much more time for creating art. Now that I’ve got a family and geocache…eh, not so much. I also read voraciously. E-books, audio books and print. It doesn’t matter to me. I’ll take a good story well written in any format.

FSC-2016 Celebration Event


This will be the 8th year for this annual First State Challenge sponsored by Delaware Geocachers!

LAUNCH DATE for the CACHES is Saturday September 24, 2015.


Red Lion Road Adopt-A-Highway CITO XV

Geocache Description:

The Delaware Geocachers Adopt-A-Highway CITO. This bi-annual event will be to clean-up our section of Red Lion Road (Route 71) from Route 896 to Howell School Road.

This Fall, you get a cool CITO icon for your profile, so come out and make a difference!

We will be meeting at 9:00AM on Sunday, September 18th at Red Lion Rd (Route 71)and Route 896

August 2016 – Cacher of the Month

Delaware Geocachers logo
Caching Name: SpookyDame
Real Name: Cathy Wilkins

1. How did you become involved in geocaching?
My friend Lorma (of BenLorma07) called to invite me out with her husband for a hike and to look for ‘geocaches’ which I’d heard about but didn’t fully understand. I thought we were looking for geodes which I was game for! She suggested I create an account before we went out, so I did and had my mind blown by how many caches were out there, under my nose this whole time! There was one in my own neighborhood and I decided to go get that on my own, before the hike with Lorma. I didn’t have a gps and my phone at that time was a dumb phone so I opened google earth on my desktop, plugged in the coordinates, studied the map and off I went. When I met with Lorma and told her I’d found my first cache (& also realized I wasn’t looking for a geode) she said “You blanked in?!? And you found it?!?” I had no idea what she was talking about but suddenly I felt like a hero of some kind and was ready for more. We set off for Middle Run, which involved 2dnfs and had me on my knees crawling through a deer path. That took the ‘hero’ right out of me but I was still on the hook. I begged for a gps for Christmas, it came two weeks early, I opened it on the spot and was out the door that day…for more DNF’s. Lots and lots of DNF’s. And still hooked.
2. How did you choose your caching name?
It’s a gaming name I’ve used for a few years with some online draw games so I figured I’d stick with it- easy to remember! I’m also a bit of a creep- I love spooky ghost stories, graveyards, legends & creatures, anything paranormal and anything of a mysterious nature.

3. What type of cache do you prefer seeking – traditional, multi, and puzzle, virtual?
Traditional caches are my favorite….for now. I don’t have that many finds and for now traditional caches are the fastest way to getting my find count up.

4. Which caches were the most challenging, either physically  or mentally?
Mike Ott’s & Waypointed’s caches. Mike Ott’s “Treasure of the Aztecs” GC1EN52 I really thought my head was going to implode. First of course I got excited about it being on an island (followed by disappointment that it wasn’t) then could not for the life of me work out the puzzle. I resorted to bribing Lorma for the answers in exchange for a clue to one of her DNF’s (also a memorable cache- GC4A2M3 ), then promptly lost the notes & coords she gave me. I couldn’t ask her to solve again so I was forced to actually use that thing in my skull and solve for myself. I made a little replica of the calendar wheel and did it! Two weeks later I found the notes & coordinates Lorma gave me hidden safely under a drawer. Waypointed’s puzzles…there’s one in particular that makes my eyes cross and I see all the found logs for it and think “My God I’m a dope”. I do fully expect to solve them at some point…or if not solve & maybe bribe Lorma again! The most physically challenging so far was recent- A Billy Goat got the Cache GC472DF- which had me sidestepping broken glass and clinging to a hillside. WORTH IT!
5. What are your current geocaching goals?
I’ve been trying to knock out the caches closest to home and branch out from there but I’d also like to do the Canal caches soon and get my find count up. I’m always on the hunt for secluded spots in upper Delaware for some of the hides I have planned. I’d also like to join a group for a day of caching at some point and will get a chance at the MothMan festival in WV this fall.

6. Where have you always wanted to go caching but haven’t?
Anywhere that isn’t in Delaware! I have yet to step outside of the state for a cache.

7. What is your most memorable caching experience?
The first time I had a cache archived by a reviewer! A big misstep on my part- that’s what I get for getting all my information from watching YouTube videos, not asking enough questions and jumping into hiding caches without enough finds under my belt! Another memorable but good experience was when I went geocaching while serving jury duty for a murder trial in Wilmington. During our lunch breaks I desperately needed to do anything but think about what I’d been seeing or hearing that day. I knew there was a cache nearby, so every morning & every lunch break I would look for this thing in the bitter cold. The second to last day of the trial I brought another juror with me, and couldn’t find it again even with two sets of eyes. I wasn’t leaving without that cache- I needed a win that day. I marched into the coffee shop, up to cashier and whispered to him “Look, I know this is a weird question but I know you’ve seen people snooping around there so you maybe know there’s a geocache hidden out there. Can you just tell me if it’s on this side of the street?” He looked me in the eye and said “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know anything about a geocache or where it might be hidden.” then pointedly looked directly behind me and toward a certain spot. I had it within seconds of leaving the coffee shop and you could hear me whooping from King Street. It was exactly what I needed on a hard day. My fellow juror had been geocaching once with a friend of hers and enjoyed the find- it was unique cache and still hard to spot even with the cashiers help.

8. What do you like about geocaching?
I’m a recluse and I work from home so I really wasn’t getting out of the house much other than errands and working on my garden. Physically I’m in terrible shape but this game has gotten me moving again, and outside in the real world…while playing a game! I’ve visited places that are so close to home that I had no idea existed or maybe knew about but couldn’t squeeze in a reason to visit like Waypointed’s FSC-2014 Wilmington Gibraltar Gardens GC5C1YQ. I can’t get my husband to geocache but I managed to get him to revisit that place with me and he was as gob smacked as I was the first time I’d been there.

9. Do you have some favorite caches in the area?
“Your Key To Cache” naturally. It blew my mind to see how large a cache could be and how dedicated people were to the game and building a hide. I love Martin Mitchell caches- they always come with a fantastic & magical element. I also loved “Park & Grab..Maybe GC4A2M3” because of the Aha Moment I had after probably a dozen searches. I could’ve floated home after that find!

10. Do you have any other hobbies or interests?
I do! I love to read, sculpt, paint, draw and muck around in my garden & ponds. If my hands are dirty I’m a happy camper. I also love researching abandoned graveyards & cemeteries and the history behind some of those forgotten places.

Great Day for an Event

What a GREAT  DAY for an EVENT!!

We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary of Geocaching (2006-2016) and

We are Celebrating International Geocaching Day

Where: Bridgeville Public Library

When: 8/20/16- International Geocaching Day

Time: 10am-12 noon

Why: Because it is a Great Day for an Event… and…The Scrapple-ers have been caching for 10 yrs and want to celebrate with their friends.

What will be going on:   1. Travel Bug Exchange Table

2.  Light Refreshments

3.  Games for children

4. Creative Cache contest

We hope you will be able to join us for a great day!!

***If anyone is interested or you have someone who would like more information about GEOCACHING, the library will be hosting a GEOCACHING 101 immediately following our event. There will be instruction/advice from local experienced cachers, with loaner GPSr’s for finding several “fake caches” (to give the public an idea of how to cache****


July 2016 – Cacher of the Month


Caching Name: Amanda and Knobbie

Real Name:  Tim, Jayne, Amanda Werbrich (& Knobbie and Noodles)


1. How did you become involved in geocaching? We got involved in geocaching after we saw an older man looking under the gazebo in the park behind our house…DeerBorne Woods (GC1VM8N). My wife thought it may be someone hiding drugs, so I went to investigate after this person left.  I found the cache, no drugs.  We started to look into what was geocaching and bought a GPS.  The GPS we initially bought rarely connected with the satellites and for the first 2 years we only found 4 because it was so frustrating.  Then in 2011 we decided to give it another shot and researched a better GPS.  Lo and behold, we were able to connect and started finding caches.

2. How did you choose your caching name? Amanda and Knobbie came from our daughter’s name, Amanda, and Knobbie our Bichon.  In 2009 Amanda was just 10 and Knobbie was just a puppy.  Now Amanda is a senior in high school and Knobbie is getting a little older.  Time flies!  We have added Noodles, a Maltese, a few years ago to be a partner for Knobbie.  Amanda doesn’t cache with us as much anymore, but Knobbie and Noodles still hang with us as we cache.

3.  What type of cache do you prefer seeking – traditional, multi, or puzzle, virtual? We probably prefer traditional caches the most.  I like trying my hand at puzzle caches.  I really like doing the Star Trek series when it was put out in February by Pafishingmom.  It was just challenging enough to get my brain going.  The virtuals are great because there is always some history involved in most.  But whatever type of cache we go for, its great discovering new places and new things that geocaching has allowed us to do.

4.  Which caches were the most challenging, either physically/mentally?  Probably the most challenging for me was GCD Geocache in Washington State.  MikeOtt and I traveled to Washington for the Geocaching Block party in 2013 and he planned out the hike to GCD.  It was a 2 mile hike up 1600 feet of elevation gain.  It took us a few hours to get there, but we made it.  The views from the top of the Cascade Mountains near the Snoqualmie Pass were incredible.  On the way back down a nasty storm rolled in quickly and luckily we only got a little soaked as we scampered down the mountain.

5.  What are your current geocaching goals? Our current caching goals are to complete our daily cache calendar, which we have about 20-25 to go.  We would also like to complete or D/T grid.  Our goal is to get to 5000 caches for our totals and possibly get to 300 hides.  We have enjoyed placing caches almost as much as we have enjoyed finding them.

6.  Where have you always wanted to go caching but haven’t? We have cached in all 50 states now.  We want to cache in the provinces of Canada.  I want to get some caches in Cuba and Antarctica.

7.   What is your most memorable caching experience? There are a lot of great memories we have geocaching from being the first group to tour Geocaching HQ and do the first lab caches to getting a cache above the Arctic Circle at Coldfoot.   One of our most memorable experiences was doing the C&D canal Power Trail in 2012.  It was a family effort.  Mom drove, I navigated, Amanda signed the logs, and GuitarDan jumped out of the minivan for the retrieval.  It took us about 2 hours to get our 150+ caches.  We were tired, but satisfied with the accomplishment.  Another great experience while caching on the ET Trail in Nevada, GuitarDan and I decided to try to get to the entrance of Area 51.  We ate at the Lil Ale Inn in Rachel and got a map. We turned off the road at the white mailbox and headed down the 13 mile + gravel Groom Lake Rd.  About ½ way there we see dust coming towards us and it turns around.  It was the white pick-up truck.  We chased it back to the entrance to Area 51 where it returned to its perch guarding the entrance.  We took a few pics and decided to turn around before tempting our fate.

8.  What do you like about geocaching?  Geocaching takes us to places we never knew existed.  Its fun knowing that something is hidden where ordinary people (muggles) have no idea.  We like introducing geocaching to family, friends and the students at school.   They love it and hopefully, they will continue with their families and bring in a new generation of cachers.

9.  Do you have some favorite caches in the area?  We had “Your Key to Cache” GC3DYYT as our 100 cache back in 2012 a couple months after it was placed.  Now with over 467 fav points, we think that was our favorite too.  We really enjoy doing all the First State Challenge caches when they come out annually.  Fourteen Minus Six (GCR7B7) was a memorable challenge for us, but after a few times there, Amanda was able to grab it.

10.  Do you have any other hobbies or interests?  Besides geocaching, we like to go Rving and traveling across the country.  Amanda is graduating next year in nursing from Hodgson and she loves volleyball.  Jayne is busy mentoring and in the process of writing a book.  Tim does a lot with the students at school from competitions to coaching basketball.  Noodles and Knobbie love to go for car rides and discover new places to “make their mark”

June 2016 – Cacher of the Month


Caching Name: kenvilguy

Real Name:  Ed Tomaszewski

1.  How did you become involved in geocaching?     I saw a news article on the Today show and looked up  I saw that there was a cache less than a mile from my house.  When I found that ammo can, I was hooked!

2.  How did you choose your caching name?      Roxbury Township in NJ has 5      sections and I lived in Kenvil section.  It’s not a real imaginative name, now that I look back on it.

3.  What type of cache do you prefer seeking – traditional, multi, and puzzle, virtual?       I really like them all but if I had to choose only one, it would be a traditional.  I wish they would bring back virtuals.  The virtuals I have found have had terrific views and/or some historical significance.

4.  Which caches were the most challenging, either physically/mentally?      The most mentally challenging caches are puzzle caches.  Power trails are the most physically demanding.  One of the best caching days was 10 hours on the ET highway!!

5.   What are your current geocaching goals?      Fill up my D/T grid.  (Only 1 left)

6.  Where have you always wanted to go caching but haven’t?          Hawaii

7.   What is your most memorable caching experience?       A Sunday morning in March 2013.  Hatfield/McCoy Geotrail HMGT #01 GC3QEQH.  We actually had Jim McCoy yelling directions to the cache from his porch.  We didn’t realize until months later who he was.  His gravelly voice was recognized on a tv show about moonshiners!!

8.  What do you like about geocaching?      I like the fact that Geocaching has taken me to places I never would have gone if not for this hobby.  I’ve yet to meet a cacher that I didn’t like.

9.   Do you have some favorite caches in the area?     Dover Air Force Base DGT AMC Museum GC1YZ2B, C&D Canal C&D01 GC2T6KY.

10.  Do you have any other hobbies or interests?       I love to fish fresh or salt water.  I’m also a Roush Fenway NASCAR fan.

























































7th Annual Ice Cream Social

It’s that time of year again………….

Ice Cream time!

This is the 7th summer of getting together for some food, ice cream and geochat.  Meet outside at the tables!

August 13, 2016

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

374 E. Chestnut Hill Road
Newark, DE 19713

May 2016 – Cacher of The Month

Caching Name: C1nn4m0n
Real Name: Cinnamon

1. How did you become involved in geocaching?
I honestly can’t remember how I first heard of it. I know that it was sometime before 2007 because that is when my account was created, but I didn’t start until 2011 full of cabin fever and needing something to do. After the first find it was an instant addiction!

2. How did you choose your caching name?
It is a name I’ve used on the internet for years

3. What type of cache do you prefer seeking – traditional, multi, and puzzle, virtual?
I enjoy all types of caches though my favorite are those that involve a nice hike in an awesome location or other such awesome adventure on the way to the final destination. I tend to get easily frustrated with puzzles when I can’t immediately grasp the concept. At times I will put them down for a while and when I come back with fresh eyes the correct approach is more obvious. I am always a bit disappointed when a very tough puzzle ends in something like an LPC.

4. Which caches were the most challenging, either physically/mentally?
Physical: GC20C8 Maryland High Point Cache – I got this one over the summer and it was a killer hike but so worth it once I got to the top and got my certificate!
Mental: GC1Q36F Time to Unwind – The entire experience of this cache was awesome and the puzzle(s) were some of the toughest and most fun yet!

5. What are your current geocaching goals?
I’m attempting to finish my D/T grid – only one block left which I hope to get sometime in November.

6. Where have you always wanted to go caching but haven’t?
I can’t pick just one, I want to go everywhere!

7. What is your most memorable caching experience?
There are so many but I think that GC4K508 The Emma Giles ranks up there because it was so incredible to see those shipwrecks right outside of Baltimore. WVTim and Spring Grove runs are always a lot of fun, but the best and most memorable experiences have more to do with the fun had with the friends I’m out with than the caches themselves.

8. What do you like about geocaching?
I love that it gets me outside and works both my mind and body. I love the people it has introduced me to and the way that it’s been able to add fun to everyday situations. I also really love to cache on vacation to see things off the beaten path.

9. Do you have some favorite caches in the area?
So many! A notable few are:
GC82B5: Manunka Chunk Tunnels
GC4K508: The Emma Giles
GC12QX4: Maryland’s Most Haunted: The Secret Room
GC513WZ: The Capitol – A historic Frederick Geo-Adventure
GC1PWNV: Antietam – The Bloodiest Day
GC2HN2H: Raiders of the Lost Cache

10. Do you have any other hobbies or interests?
I love to hike and kayak, basically anything outside – even if it doesn’t involve caching.

April 2016 – Cacher of the Month


Caching Name: hostanut

Real Name: Preston Littleton

1. How did you become involved in Geocaching?

Our daughter and son-in-law (dww9) asked Genie (LadyH) and I to go along with them to do something they thought we would enjoy. After finding 2 caches I told them that it was FUN and wanted to do more….their reply “There are NO more geocaches in Sussex County! We only found 8 caches in the first 7 months because other interests took precedence at the time.

2. How did you choose your caching name?

I was a NUT about hostas….hence hostanut. At a peak I had over 725 hostas (with over 325 varieties) growing in my yard. Besides growing hostas I was busy traveling to conventions and meetings nationwide, was vice-president and newsletter editor for the Delmarva Hosta Society, and webpage developer (would you guess it was about hostas).

3. What type of cache do you prefer seeking – traditional, multi, and puzzle, virtual?

Any type as long as it takes me to historic, scenic or interesting spots. Virtuals do hold a special place in my heart. I also enjoy working on most puzzles.

4. Which caches were the most challenging, either physically/mentally?

Some days I can’t find a D1/T1 cache and other days high Dif caches are easy to find.

Many of Rehobch’s puzzles are extremely challenging ….MENTALLY.

Caches with a lot of elevation change are becoming more and more PHYSICALLY challenging.
GC1169 Mission 9: Tunnel of Light and GC1NKTA CAM 2009- Hoye Crest were 2 of the toughest on me.

5. What are your current geocaching goals?
-Have FUN caching
-Continue to grab the oldest caches
-Look for caches with high Favorite Points
-Seek caches in counties that that I have not cached in.
-Continue to search for Benchmarks
-LadyH is retiring on 4/29/16 so I look forward to even more caching trips and having LadyH accompany me on FTF runs.

6. Where have you always wanted to go caching but haven’t?

Alaska, Hawaii, and Rhode Island (Yes I need a cache in RI)

7. What is your most memorable caching experience?

I have so many memorable caching experiences and hope to make even more (including on a planned 15 state trip this summer). Caching with friends whether caching together for a few hours or on a multi day trip has given me many memories.
Family memorable caching experiences include:-The story of our grandson Nick doing GCPTWP Sandy Pt. cache with us when he was about 20 months old and walking almost the whole .8 mile down the beach to and from the cache. Nick would stop from time to time to toss a stone into the water. Lady H was fortunate to capture a picture of Nick with the stone mid-air.

-GCYN89 UP-UP AND AWAY because I was able to experience it with my step-son DEfire52 on his second day of caching and see the delight in his face when he discovered the unique cache.

8. What do you like about geocaching?

The friends I have made because of caching…….we now do other things together…..picnics, campfires, traveling, visiting and sharing our lives.

Geocaching is like a vacation guide……it takes you to historic sites, places with awesome views and places you might not know existed without caching.

9. Do you have some favorite caches in the area?

– GC4NGCW The Patriarch Tree
– GC51NTF WGD 2014 – Courtyard
-any cache that I an FTF on….NOT necessarily because of the cache but because of the feeling of getting an FTF.

10. Do you have any other hobbies or interests?

Vacationing and spending time with the grand-daughter (singin4cache).